Caviar Tasting Package #2

Caviar Tasting Package #2

SAVE OVER 35% ON THIS PACKAGE! Compare three top tier caviar products: Black River Imperial Russian Oscietra, 30 grams; Laurel Pine Golden Russian Ossetra, 30 grams; and Laurel Pine Golden Kaluga Hybrid, 30 grams. Evaluate egg color, size and structure and flavor profile and pick your favorite. Includes two mother of pearl spoons and two tasting note sheets.

How to maximize your caviar tasting experience:

Serve the caviar on ice so that it maintains a cold temperature throughout your tasting. Serve the caviar without any accoutrements. For this tasting, we recommend the purist approach. Enjoy straight from a mother of pearl spoon (included in tasting package). With each type of caviar, notice the egg color and egg size. Caviar is graded on these two visual aspects, with lighter color and larger egg size being the most desirable. Take a generous spoonful of caviar in your mouth and roll it around for a few seconds before finally crushing the delicate eggs on the roof of your mouth. When the eggs break, the full flavor of the caviar will be released. Evaluate the egg structure (firmness and texture). Determine if you prefer softer eggs or more firmness, structure and "pop". The flavor profile of caviar varies by species of sturgeon and quality of the caviar itself. Like a fine wine, the finish on caviar is an important factor in judging the quality and taste. Great caviar has a long, smooth finish.

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