Plaza Golden Russian Osetra Caviar

Plaza Golden Russian Osetra Caviar

Plaza de Caviar produces an exquisite Golden Russian Osetra Caviar, farm-raised in Isreal. The roe has a beautiful golden light brown color and comes from Sturgeon stock that originated from the Caspian Sea. Smooth, complex, clean finish.

Roll this delicious caviar between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, allowing the caviar to soften slightly. Then break the eggs against the roof of your mouth for the full flavor experience. Always use of mother of pearl spoon, as stainless steel flat wear will impart a tinny taste to the caviar. Alternatively, enjoy this Golden Russian Caviar on blini or low salt potato chip with creme fraiche.

Lasts two months unopened in the coldest part of refrigerator. Once opened, please use within two days.

1 oz jar $125.00
2 oz $335.00
4 oz $660.00
1000 grams (35.2 oz) $5985.00
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