Laurel Pine Torchon Style Foie Gras

Laurel Pine Torchon Style Foie Gras

Made with whole pieces of creamy and rich Hudson Valley Foie Gras, this torchon is absolutely delicious. Just the right seasoning of Sauternes wine, sea salt and white pepper and no added sugar. There is a layer of rendered foie gras fat around the torchon, which can be removed and saved for sautéing potatoes, vegetables or meat, or the torchon can be sliced and served with the layer of fat.

Slice and serve on bread or crostini; slice and serve on a plate with caramelized nuts and green apple puree; slice and serve on top of a steak, burger, fish filet or baked potato. Because foie gras is so versatile, there are endless ways to enjoy this torchon.

Lasts 6 - 8 weeks in the refrigerator unopened. Once opened, consume within 7 days for best flavor. If unused portion is sealed with a vacuum seal, the sealed portion will not oxidize and will extend the opened shelf life.

1.3 lbs $179.00
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