5J Cinco Jotas Iberico ham de Bellota bone-in shoulder

5J Cinco Jotas Iberico ham de Bellota bone-in shoulder

Cinco Jotas is known for producing the finest ham in the world. This bone-in shoulder (paleta) meat has a more intense flavor and higher fat content than the back leg (jamon).

The unrivaled texture, lingering aroma and superb taste of this product are due to strict quality control to guarantee and safeguard the purity of this inimitable breed worldwide. Additionally, feeding Iberian pigs on a diet of acorns and aromatic herbs during the Montanera fattening period, combined with the exercise the pigs get while searching for food, ensures that they fatten at a slower rate and allows fat to accumulate even more between their muscle fibres. Cinco Jotas 100% Pure-Bred Iberian pigs are reared in free-range conditions in the pastures, with 5 acres of land for each pig.

Iberian Ham is a very healthy food, mainly due to the distinctive features of the breed from which it comes. Its oleic acid content is one of the most important factors. This component, which can also be found in olive oil, helps to reduce cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk.

Bone-in Iberian ham should be kept at 68 - 77 degrees F. Once opened, consume within 30 days. From date of purchase, shelf life is at least 12 months

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