Montaraz Free Range Iberico Ham Boneless Back Leg

Montaraz Free Range Iberico Ham Boneless Back Leg

Montaraz is a family owned and operated company in Spain, which uses traditional practices to produce top quality Iberico ham. The company uses 100% pure-breed acorn fed Iberico pigs that spend their lives wandering in a natural forest environment. The ham is aged more than 36 months with natural curing. 100% natural, Nitrate free. This boneless back leg jamon has sweeter meat which is leaner and has less intense flavor than the shoulder cut (front leg). Slice by hand or with a meat slicer. Comes in two individually packaged pieces, making it convenient to save half the ham for a future occasion.

Iberian Ham is a very healthy food, mainly due to the distinctive features of the breed from which it comes. Its oleic acid content is one of the most important factors. This component, which can also be found in olive oil, helps to reduce cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk.

Boneless Iberian ham should be kept at 50 - 60 degrees F. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within a few months. From date of purchase, unopened shelf life is at least 12 months.

5 lbs $299.00
9 - 10 lbs $599.00
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