Whole Fresh White Truffles (Alba truffle)

Whole Fresh White Truffles (Alba truffle)

Our top quality fresh white truffles from Alba, Italy are the ultimate truffle experience. 1-8oz premium quality fresh white truffles from Italy (1-12 truffles depending on the order). The aroma of fresh white truffles will fill a room with heavenly fragrance! Intense earthy flavor with a hint of pepper and garlic. Weight is as close as nature will allow.

Shave raw white truffles on pasta, risotto, salads, eggs, sauces, or with poultry or other white meats such as rabbit or veal. White truffles also pair well with hard Italian cheeses, proscuito and salami, and of course, foie gras.

Fresh white truffles are shipped overnight only and must be used within a few days. For the most fresh product possible, order by Wednesday morning in time to ship on Thursday for Friday delivery.

1 oz $300.00
2 oz $600.00
2 oz $785.00
4 oz $1400.00
8 oz $2850.00
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