100% Japanese Wagyu Beef, A-5 Grade, Filet Mignon

100% Japanese Wagyu Beef, A-5 Grade, Filet Mignon

A-5 100% Japanese Wagyu beef, filet mignon, available in limited quantities by special order. A-5 is the best grade of beef available in the world. This beef has an astonishing marbling score of 11-12, the highest possible score for marbling. This dense marbling gives the meat extraordinary flavor, juiciness, and texture. This product is the exact breed of cattle (Wagyu) as the famous Kobe Beef; however, the cattle is raised in another part of Japan, not Kobe, Japan, and therefore cannot be called Kobe Beef. Please contact us for pricing.

Wagyu beef from Japan is now available, after being unavailable in the US for the last 2 1/2 years. Due to high demand from the hospitality industry, we need to guarantee a certain number of orders to our supplier, to have individual steaks cut, and to provide the best pricing to our clients.

The Japanese Wagyu steaks can be flash frozen and individually vacuum sealed, prior to shipping. Flash frozen steaks can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Two 6-oz Steaks $320.00
Four 6-oz Steaks $635.00
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